Spring Checklist

The days are becoming longer, the trees are getting greener and the blossoms and bulbs are in full bloom
September 14, 2023/by Nicole Heins


(Noun): The feeling of euphoria after climbing into bed after a long day.
October 6, 2021/by Nicole Heins
Give me a home among the gumtrees at Wybalena Grove

Give me a home among the gumtrees at Wybalena Grove

The history of co-operative housing in Canberra's north
January 20, 2021/by Nicole Heins

The right styling package for you

The styling package you chose matters!
November 19, 2020/by Nicole Heins

Home by Impressions

Curated by our team of professional interior designers, Home by Impressions has all of our favourite products of the season.
October 22, 2020/by Nicole Heins

Minimalism. Why this simple trend took over styling!

Smooth, un-cluttered, and simple. Minimalism is the trend that has dominated interior design since the '90s.
October 1, 2020/by Nicole Heins

Decorating tips for renters

One of our core values at Impressions is our belief that every house has the potential to become a beautiful home. Even without a fresh coat of paint.
July 16, 2020/by Nicole Heins

Property styling before and after

June 17, 2020/by Nicole Heins

Can I put a rug on my wall to wall carpet?

June 9, 2020/by Nicole Heins

Picking your palette

Colour changes everything, so when styling a room, choosing your palette is the very first step.
May 14, 2020/by Nicole Heins

Canberra real estate… What on earth is going on?

Should I sell? Should I buy? What is really happening in Canberra real estate and what does it mean for you.
April 16, 2020/by Nicole Heins

The case for yellow

Yellow is bright and cheerful, bold and lively, and completely underrated!
March 19, 2020/by Nicole Heins