Style now, Pay later

At Impressions we are committed to supporting our Property Styling and Styled to Stay clients by offering Style now, Pay later.

Impressions has partnered with Elepay to offer a suite of payment plans for homeowners wanting to manage their expenses.

  • Elepay 60
  • Up to $15,000.00

  • 5 x Equal Payments over 60 days
  • Elepay 140
  • Up to $20,000.00

  • 10 x Equal payments
    No Interest
  • Elepay 107
  • Up to $50,000.00

  • No Payment for 107 days
    No monthly fees

Use the Elepay Calculator to see what payment period works best for you

  • Its fast and simple. The process is seamless and user friendly and takes less than 5 minutes.
  • The Elepay team approves all property owners in less than an hour so you can start budgeting your expenses today.