Increase the potential of your property by creating the right image and atmosphere

Complete Package

For owners with empty properties

The complete package is designed for empty property’s and to save you time and worry. Our designers will be responsible for the selection, delivery and installation, as well as the final presentation.

Consideration is given to the placement of furniture and accessories to maximise the potential of your home as well as creating the right look for web based images.


  • Hire of all furniture and accessories for both the inside and outside of the home
  • Delivery
  • Installation
  • Presentation (including hanging art and making beds)
  • Removal of hired furniture and accessories

How can I arrange a quote?

You can arrange a quote through our contacts page via email or phone directly for prompt, friendly and professional service.

How much notice do you need?

Where possible Impressions Property Styling will work within your or your agent’s timeframes. However we can be booked up to 3 weeks in advance. Please contact us to confirm availability.

How long does an install take?

Every property is different; however generally allow 2 working days, 1 for delivery and 1 for installation.

What do I need to have completed before you start?

We recommend that you have your home cleaned before we start. Due to the fact we work rain, hail or shine, the house may require a light vacuum and mop before your first open home.

What if the new owner wants to purchase the furniture?

We can on sell most of the furniture and accessories we use. Contact us for a quote.

What day will you be removing the furniture?

At the end of each hire period you will be contacted by us. If you are ready for the furniture to be removed, a removal date will be booked in.

If my house doesn’t sell can I extend the hire?

Yes, you will be contacted by us at the end of your hire period and given the option to arrange for a hire extension. Hire rates are listed on your original quote.

What style of furniture will you be using?

We have a large range of furniture to select from ranging from modern to classic. We will choose pieces that will suit the style and character of your home. We will also work closely with your agent or yourself to establish the properties target market and choose the style accordingly.

Who chooses the furniture?

Our experienced designers will select furniture based on, buyer appeal, size, scale, availability and style and character of property.